Curious Cats

Entity and context, system and environment, part and whole. Behaviour and purpose is not bounded or purely or completely encoded in an entity, regardless that our linguistic (as much as cognitive or technologocal) teleologies and intuitions reinforce and validate such a belief.

Symbiosis also occurs at the level of whole systems. Entity and environment both encode each other. In ontological terms, it is a little like two competitive sports teams that are each encoding an orientation, adaptation and purposeful response to each other both in and as themselves.

Each team or node effectively contains the other but is unified in an overarching whole that contains itself in and as the dynamic resonance of its differentiated (and differentiating) parts. Environmental contexts are in this way actors and computationallt propulsive mechanisms.

It is at the level of an organic (as generatively) incomplete whole that integration and differentiation occur because this is the lowest energy as network solution to gestalt system self-replication.

Just what it is that is being replicated here? That’s one of my interests and accessible explanatory language or consensus dialects are tricky to navigate.

Curious cats, multidimensional contexts.

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