It may be something of an inevitability that any authentic or at least aspirationally significant intellectual originality at first appears as a kind of peculiarity or madness. The actual and eventual partial insanity of orthodox contemporary thought and acquiescent narratives of safe or timid conceptual regurgitation may once have taken some time to become apparent. Accelerating, self-gravitating mass-densities of technical and cultural self-reference and procedural, developmental iteration indicate that this apparent insanity of any particular historical moment or paradigm is more likely to become transparent over shorter and shorter time frames. In this sense we are living in an accelerating moment in which the sane and rational present paradigm might become the quaint or absurdly inconsistent (or at least incomplete) assumption of an earlier era, but in diminishing scales, metrics or increments.

The process of self-referential, internal systemic complexity generation and expansion is itself what is being replicated. This itself is a concept only plausible within a specific technical, cultural moment – at least from a specific historical baseline or benchmark in which the various aggregated concepts may make some kind of sense in their juxtaposition and interrelationship. If there is any validity to this it is likely not necessary, it is contingent and like all other rational moments is passing into the fog of memory and forgivable, unwitting misunderstanding with all those other relics of logic and history (both the foundational and the absurd) upon which we now stand. Even necessary truths evolve because the cultural perspective and moment from which they are interpreted is itself an adaptive and dynamic process.

Seeking necessary axioms to last in time probably requires feeding the problems and questions back into themselves, Ouroboros-like. If the process is fundamentally temporal and recursive, what then if the recursive process itself (i.e. the control logic and method) is also the semantics, resolution and enigmatic end-state of the algorithmic process of sophisticated, deep systems-theoretical analysis and explanation ?

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