Collective Psychosis

On the topic of untenable belief systems, unsubstantiated conspiracies, intransigent disinformation and ideological absurdity – I was watching a lecture from Gresham College today in which psychosis was posited as the default mental state. If the default state of human mental life is in fact some kind of dissociative discontinuity and stochastic chaos, this might […]


Genius and Insanity

Sufficiently sophisticated insights into the function and structure of this world are effectively indistinguishable from insanity. In this regard, a profoundly delusional mind is as often aligned with genius as it is with utter absurdity. Questions we might ask here are as to the profound and natural orientation of extreme creativity towards alienation and isolation. […]

Alien Anthropology

Nuclear Weapons are Stupid

Context: Bombs and the Bikini Atoll I recently saw an interview with US Gen (ret.) Colin Powell discussing this technology. His assessment seems to be accurate – these weapons are so powerful and of such vast consequence that they are effectively and completely useless. If any one side or warhead-or-sabre-rattling power were to launch a […]


Deep Dive

…we are living in an accelerating moment in which the sane and rational present paradigm might become the quaint or absurdly inconsistent (or at least incomplete) assumption of an earlier era…