Some simple, yet profound and perhaps universally valid wisdom from Russell Ackoff. We might question the organisational methods of self-analysis which create (some instances of) such dysfunctional circumstances.

Is the self-replication and continuity of organisational systems of necessity blind to a certain range of problem identification in functional self-analysis ?

If a certain kind of organisational structure and system is reflexively justifiable by virtue of its apparent suitability for solving the problems that its own foundational assumptions generate, in what ways is it possible to step outside of that system to generate useful creativity, innovation and transformation ?

The problems we generally seek to solve in regards to optimising and improving our own organisational systems tend to meet resistance in the institutional conventions and unquestioned assumptions with which those organisations function. Transformation is not so much about working within the existing rules as it may be about reconfiguring and extending the underlying axioms and rules of organisational structure, information and energy flow such as to generate new rules and new possibilities of organisational structure and system.

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