To assert a “meaning of dreams” expresses an essential identity and corollary to asserting a “meaning of self”.  In those reflexive symbolic and cultural depths of dream-like experience we only ever observe that self unbound; cognition without anchor and signifier without signified, free-floating in cyclical regeneration. This is a creative recombinatory decompression and foundational semiotic recursion; it both masks and extrapolates a probable fact that to discover that there is no intrinsic meaning to our dreams is also to unfurl some great banner of revelatory catharsis pronouncing our own essential non-existence.

Perhaps our faith in the essential “meaningfulness” of things, of experience, runs parallel to our belief in the necessity of underlying truths and by narrative psychological extension – of purposes and teleologies.  Truth always already presupposes in some manner a unity or totality and continuity whose existence (and logical plausibility) remains yet to be demonstrated.

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