Decoding Instagram

The ancient emergence of information-encoding mechanisms that seek both optimal self-replication and resilience against catastrophic loss of components and sub-systems - in contemporary manifestation.

Quieting the Ego

Psychological closure or completion of an isolated ego remains a functional, technological and sociological impossibility.

Technology: Singularity and Necessity

If one day we should wake up and find that every single aspect of our lives have become so deeply steeped-in and dependent-upon digital technology that we are irrevocably cast into a secondary or supporting role, should we really be surprised ?


If nobody is actually who they appear to be, then neither are we (and even to ourselves) any more than ghostly probabilities or insubstantial shadows, masked and knowable...

Culture Circus: Uncommon Anchors

The various cultural contexts, parameters and metrics indicating that possibility for the existence of the sensible, the rational and the sane are also those shared borders of distance and difference defining the improbable, the implausible and the ridiculous...

Dreams without Meaning

Should we be afraid that to discover that there is no intrinsic meaning to our dreams is also to unfurl some great banner of revelatory catharsis pronouncing our own essential non-existence ?