S.O.S: Global Political Failures

No one is coming to save us from ourselves, it looks like we’ll need to work through this together…

Any international difference or disagreement which terminates in catastrophic conflict utterly and irrevocably invalidates any and all claims of intelligence and competence expressed by those political leaders who’s claim to office is their aptitude and suitability to govern and negotiate the endemic complexities of our world. If, conversely, it emerges that the real world is of such immense and billowing complexity that no single individual, diplomatic team or ideological and intellectual position could ever prove to be up to the task of disentangling our gravest existential threats, then it becomes clear that the “Great Person” model of politics and history is a null and empty value system, signifying nothing. It is of course more likely a combination of these two perspectives which captures the essence here; that the perverse incentives of political selection orbit an acceleratingly complex, self-gravitating and recursive Global system of information, communication, culture and technology which is so vastly decentralised and generatively, creatively entropic that any approach or attempt to negotiate solutions from a singular, static and uniquely privileged nodal point is destined to failure.

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