There exists one primary unspoken purpose and rationale of organisational bureaucracy; that is of the self-propagation of such a system (itself) through the endless production, reconstitution and invention of the redundant tasks, methods and logics of problem-solving that any particular context appears to require. This particular form of problem resolution largely (and unwittingly) seeks purpose and justification through the generation of lexicons, vocabularies and taxonomies of organisational self-definition and relentless documentary self-invention. The act of generating such an ultimately self-justifying structural order and administrative architecture provides narratives-of-problems that are only rationally evaluable from within the limited scope and logic of the conceptual framework used to define those problems. This is how bureaucracy produces the preconditions for the intractable complexity of those problems to which it itself is aspirationally directed.

Bureaucracies in this way generate their own catastrophic necessity.

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