Flourishing Grassroots Micro-states within Dysfunctional Macro-states ?

Some organisational principles do not scale linearly…

Some organisational principles clearly do not scale linearly. The egoistic tribalism being played out on the largest scales of administrative mismanagement (and self-evidently – at Global proportions) may represent just how significantly psychological factors and cognitive limits do not lend themselves well to such simplistic scaling; a poor-fitting framework or method as seems to be attempted across all economic ideologies and political cultures. Is there an Other solution of networks of interdependent, smaller self-organisational systems; or, and paradoxically, is the very possibility of such small-scale organisational sanity only possible in a broader context of global dysfunctionality – a manifest principle of intelligibility and implementation demonstrating a certain subtle inverse relationship of entropy, scale, self-organisation and complexity.

Regardless – an interesting read here…

“Political bickering has long been a roadblock to getting big things done in the US but a grassroots movement getting few headlines could yet herald a new American age of change.”

“(…) the vibrancy of local America is an untold story (…) partly because there is a natural scepticism in the media and an inclination when visiting towns to always ask people about the national political drama.”

“This “localism” first emerged in the 1980s, he says, when cities began to realise that the “cavalry wasn’t coming” from federal and state government, and they were going to have to tackle their problems on their own.”

“City leaders are discovering that problem-solving from the bottom up – in partnerships with others from the worlds of business, technology and education – is more democratic and effective (…)”

The untold good news story of America today

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