culture Organisation

Seeking Solutions to Organisational Entropy

On competition versus cooperation…

The extent to which disorder and entropy can be minimised or catered for within complex systems design or remediation is measured in effect and success by the degree to which the inevitability of entropy and disorder is translated or interpreted as recyclable, reusable and repurposed energy or information. A strategy is required to cultivate interest around such authentically innovative organisational methodologies. A problem faced in the development and communication of strategic systemic reconfiguration is that organisations (as much as those individuals who inhabit them) are constitutively self-interested and require commercial incentives. Commercial incentives are themselves entirely plausible from within that particular framework within which an elementary competitive (tribal) bias is rationalised and justifiable, but questions as to the ultimate or long-term viability of such foundationally belligerent social and cultural networks inevitably percolate up to the surface of any comprehensive systems-theoretical analysis.

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