Aperture, Pattern and Emptiness

Consider this unravelling vessel, this body…

Consider this unravelling vessel, this body, and that by some accident of blind chance or random elemental reconstitution it has come to exist (or rather – coexist) in this place, stubbornly insubordinate against the inevitability of decay and simultaneously in some sense sweetly tragic as fact and truth of subjective experience and material transience. A cybernetic logic insists that for all longings, all beliefs and the extended cognition or science of self-reflection and cumulative intellect, for all this froth and bubble of self-importance or selfless benevolence it is all little more than impermanent aperture or channel through which energy and patterned entropy-as-information pass; a gathering into ordered self-replication and a dissolution into entropy and dust. We are persistent patterns, for a time, and then we return to that emptiness, disorder and silence from where we came.

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