Conservatism is not incorrect in its attribution of significance to a continuity of historical, cultural and political narrative. Conservatism is however utterly incorrect in an adherence to the continuity of a narrative for its own sake. It may not in every circumstance be obvious but such a circularly self-justifying rationale of “because it has always been so” is as comically inept as it is tragic. There should be no particular surprise that Conservative ideologies should align in so many places with Comological narratives of astoundingly shallow historical depth. Control can only be asserted over what can be known and what can be known must (in some cognitive methods) be limited proportionally to what can be (at least notionally) controlled. By limiting what can be known (through the provision of the Ikea-like cosmological self-assembly and meaning-induction kits of religious, political or ideological dogma), the capacity and the illusion or fantasy of control can become complete; self-contained, circular, tamed and sterile. It doesn’t actually matter from within a labyrinth of reflections that all that is being seen is an endless repetition of sameness and continuity: it only takes a pair of mirrors to emulate infinity.

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