Artificial Intelligence and a Fallacy of Complete Knowledge

An unremitting curiosity of human psychology and culture is that, from about the time - perhaps of the Industrial Revolution (?) - when we acquired a degree of distributed and self-conscious awareness of the extent and consequence of our own procedural and developmental technological progress, each significant iteration has been regarded as the end of…

Enigma: When Strength is also Weakness

It is so often the case that the strength and the weakness of a technological or organisational system exist in (and as) that same structural and logical artefacts. The indefinite (recursive) extensibility of all material and logical systems is the foundation of, and cause for, this enigmatic duality.

Cyber Security and Governance: to Centralise or not to Centralise?

Cyber security is a fascinating and rapidly evolving problem-space. What possible solutions exist in regards to coordinated governance and oversight? If a centralised software and hardware development methodology iss used - compliance to formal standards could be assured but the (logically and materially inevitable) emergence of vulnerability and exploit would mean that this systemic coherence…

The Strangest Thing: A Labyrinth of Words and Meanings

It is the strangest thing. Words are sounds, symbols and patterns of electrical energy inside brains. They are abstractions, generated from the shared world of our experience but not fundamentally dependent upon it. The words we use invoke the thoughts and concepts or images with which we think and understand the world we share. The…

Hong Kong: Umbrellas on the Go Game

The international society of nations, such as it is, is not very often seeking clever solutions to the problems that it itself is generating, across all countries and conflicts. Each instance of dissonance is a microcosm of a global property of discontinuity, a distributed planetary discord that is oblivious to nation or ideology and that we all are dealing with, wherever we are.

Unattainable You

You can not be whole for the same reason you can not control the world - there is at base no controller, knower or self and this is the greatest unacknowledged enigma of our world.

Minority Report

It requires humility to acknowledge that your own ostensibly unique personality, conceptual vocabulary and social self-expression might be little more than a contingent recombinatory node of meaning in a dancing landscape of shifting patterns, linguistic fields, meanings and concepts.

On Losing Control

Control may be necessary at a personal and social level but is for all that no less a convenient fiction and a contingent, transient illusion than is self...