Structural Decompression

The rapid and accelerating expansion of the surface area, of the perimeters of that space by which we define (or understand) the boundaries of our culture and technology, this is synchronous with the hollowing out of the interior volume and of the degradation and dissolution of the structural resilience which binds it all together. While there may be many perceived or attributed gravitational centers to systems, it is apparent that those which tend to become more permanent or more readily intelligible within the interpretive framework of a zeitgeist (and cultural or historical moment) are usually those by which, consciously or unconsciously, that zeitgeist and topological form tends to be self-replicated. The self-replication of incomplete logical systems is also the gravitation towards a particular center and aggregated focal point of activity and experience. The convergence in one reference frame is simultaneously the divergence in many others – for this reason we may perceive, project and experience only that most intelligible and simple reference frame and explanatory framework while the actual complexities and inconsistencies in our own world view remain displaced and hidden. Many views, one reality.

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