Climate Strike: Which Economy?

I observed a characteristically parochial performance from a politician on the morning news today. The topic of the Global Climate Strike was under analysis and the tired old excuses for workers and schoolchildren not attending the rallies and protests were wobbled around with rhetorical ineptitude. An argument was made for the importance of a strong…

Cultivating Innovation

Sociological, psychological and economic systems are poorly optimised to cultivate or acknowledge the forms of innovation and creative thinking that their existence in the world depends upon.

Can anyone own the moon ?

If personal subjectivity is a reflection of an internalised concept of ownership and property, what happens if it turns out that neither individual identity nor notions of ownership are, beyond a very limited and historically or culturally contingent sense, actually real ?

Human Wasted

Human beings have become in some instances the excess product of their own methods of self-propagating economic and cultural continuity...

An Ethical Vacuum

Nothing quite extinguishes any mythology of accomplishment and pride in the achievements and sophistication of human civilisation than seeing an utterly isolated homeless person sleeping on a ramshackle mattress and amid their few ignominiously-bagged worldly belongings while early morning commuters rush to work around them...