Can the Universe be said to be computational ? Algorithmic ? Can distantly-connected parts of a unified physical totality really manifest computation as we currently understand it ? How does time dilation and planes of simultaneity alter or influence concepts (let alone manifestations) of coherent and interconnected, cosmologically-distributed information and energy processing ? Are we resorting to computational models of the Universe because there exists something of an obligation to interpret ourselves (i.e. computational neuroscience, etc.) and our world through the filter and facilitation of our latest (and greatest) technology and its associated zeitgeist ? The sheer success and exuberant momentum of computer science is unquestionable but it seems to me, if not necessarily being a topic that should be discussed in polite company in anything other than hushed tones, that digital technology and its procedural refinement and accelerating iterations as measured on a logarithmic scale is not very likely to be a notionally teleological endpoint of technological evolution. With the discovery of the electron, it was proclaimed (by some) that all science was at an end; it appears that the only thing you should never say is never.

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