The Cosmological and Computational Ties that Bind

What is it that binds the Cosmos to unified principles and patterns of physical laws and constants ?

Recent study has dropped me into an ocean swell of information theory and associated considerations pertaining to complex systems. I quite acidentally fell down a rabbit-hole of MIT Professor Seth Lloyd’s construction concerning the measurement of information bits available in the observable Universe. The assumptive computational power of the hypothesised 10^90 bits is a little mystifying given that computation would at least appear to require some degree of coherence, coordination or communication among the parts of a computational system. This correlates with (what I think is) a mystery of uniformity in the expression of physical laws across the observable Universe; while there may be regions beyond that to which we have observational access in which those laws or constants diverge from nominal behaviour – this seems to be to multiply entities and explanations needlessly. What is it that binds all of observable reality to these notionally computational processing instruction sets and behavioural conditions of physical laws or constants ? In what sense can any entity, process or system be considered (or described) as manifesting or exhibiting truly global behaviour or properties ? Is this unity just something we should have to expect or circularly assert as foundational ?

I’m not sure if even the Great Sifu Mystical Woo of quantum entanglements or their astronomical topological cousins (Einstein-Rosen Bridges) allows us to rationally admit the blossoming orders of magnitude increase in complexity and network edges between particles and interconnected systems that this entails. It may be unwise to suggest that this may not be the only extra dimensional degree of freedom with which we may be required to engage, but such material and conceptual extensibility appears to remain a solid possibility. Even those systems which are currently under development seeking to exploit quantum entanglement in useful ways seem to be, for all of their sophistication and complexity, still essentially grounded in an essentially mechanistic or linear systems ontology; the instantaneous delivery and assurance of information security between two points is still only a very complicated iteration of smoke signal or telegraph.

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