Radically divergent (or convergent !) approaches face uphill battles against an entrenched, if understandable and for this reason – forgivable, intellectual intransigence and institutional conservatism. It is difficult to cultivate, communicate or articulate developmental systems entities and properties for which new languages, logics and organisational or cognitive grammars do not currently exist in any consensus or shared information and communication space. It becomes a difficult problem of creative representation to *not* be interpreted as uselessly iconclastic when seeking to usefully invert and reconfigure key organisational, developmental or systems-theoretical axioms. I have been rolling a rock up this hill for years now, the “inside-out” of dramatically restructured logical assumptions is a concise definition of a whole class of possible (and probable) structural, dynamical and systemic entities which in my experience sit, rather unceremoniously, in an institutional blindspot of logical unintelligibility.

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