culture politics

Faltering Balance: the International Society of States

The international society of states appears to be faltering and order looks to be crumbling from within.

The society of states appears to be undergoing the potentially irreversible interior paroxysms of an as yet undefined emergent systems configuration. The dissonance between the past and the future configurations of the individuated particulate (state) and the distributed gestalt (global system) of all of this seething mass of culture and technology, information and (psychological) energy represents something of a problematic bottleneck and gauntlet we are all yet to run.

An optimistic organisational analogy: if trees can successfully build on (and around) the spent energy and structural support of their own organic history to maintain viable continuity and existential tenure, technological civilisations should also plausibly be able to do so.

In any case, the ongoing collapse of liberal world order is not necessarily the total collapse of all world order but the consequences are yet to be determined.

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