Things fall apart…

Perhaps “the centre cannot hold” because there is no centre. Chaos and disorder are far more the native state of material (thermodynamic, dissipative) facts than are the projected order and control around which we reflexively and aspirationally self-validate. Curious, indeed, (and under one perspective) that everything emerging out of the complexity sciences suggests that it […]

Alien Anthropology

The Implicit and Hidden Weaknesses of (Digital) Authoritarianism

Context: Strong Yet Brittle: The Risks of Digital Authoritarianism There are quite probable logical and (by extension, mathematical and) distributed material or socioeconomic, not to mention strategic, senses in which a strict adherence to unwavering and inflexible closure and continuity must necessarily create the conditions of inevitable, eventual and/or accelerated structural disassembly or decline. A […]


The Political Paradox: Control creates Disorder

The strangest thing about all of our systems of governance, control and social maintenance is that it is in the very act(s) of attempting to create order that we must necessarily also generate disorder. The more components, moving parts and abstract logical relationships we introduce into the world, the more degrees of autonomous systemic and […]


Technology: Misunderstanding Each Other

Has anyone (else) noticed that the proliferation of communications technologies has occurred in direct proportion to the level of misunderstanding and confusion in the world? It is not that we do anything new by misinterpreting each other’s intentions – as people have been doing this for as long as there have been people – we […]

culture politics

Faltering Balance: the International Society of States

The international society of states appears to be faltering and order looks to be crumbling from within.