Context: The most powerful person in Silicon Valley

It is a gargantuan investment and leap of faith to assert, predict or seek to influence technological trajectories over a time scale of centuries. Current accelerating systemic metamorphosis in this context would suggest that technology will be somewhere radically other than where we expect it to be in 10 years, let alone 300; also, that the cumulative reflexive effects of information, energy and economic (evolutionary) selection processes and pressures may mean that notions of subjective psychological or cultural identity, attributed value or commerce may also be radically other than predicted within a disarmingly brief timeframe. It is difficult to rationally plan for a future which may never exist.

Reasoned analysis seems to suggest that information and communications systems do not serve us so much as we, perhaps unwittingly, serve them. A little less entrepreneurial hubris could be salient at this historical inflection point?

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