Between Life and Death

Life is commonly considered as antithetical to death but in some ways, there may be a common ground and source between them.

Context: Scientists have restored circulation to severed pig brains in a step that blurs the definition of death

It is (darkly) entertaining to consider the definition of death as “blurred” when a comprehensive and unambiguous definition of life is still pending. The point of inflection (or organisational scale) at which self-replicating information and energy patterns individuate or converge into living entities is perhaps not so self-evident as would allow us all to sleep well at night. Schrödinger’s cat may not be the only problematic source of superpositional antithesis.

The reflective self-determination of living sentience and intelligence is (itself) articulated through an experience, a language and logical or mathematical grammar that manifests the same underlying symmetries, statistical patterns and probabilistic biases that are native to inorganic (i.e. “dead”) material systems. While it is true that there exists a certain overt complexity, sophistication and arguable beauty in what we identify as “living” matter, an extrapolation and evolution through multicellular homeostasis as a method of systemic self-propagation could as easily be a special case of autonomous inorganic emergence.

Of interest:

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