Alien Anthropology


Self-replication. Surely this is what life is all about.

Self-replication. Surely this is what life is all about. Every thought, every feeling, every emotion, every sensation, wish or hope – at base it is all designed or directed towards self-replication – the self-replication of an individual, of a civilisation, of a species, of life, of… a Universe? It is a blindly self-propagating process into which we retrospectively insert and assert our meaning(s). We understand through words, meanings, concepts, narratives, languages and even these are all tools for the self-replication of themselves and of us. It is difficult to acknowledge that none of us are of any particular significance to the continuity of this story, but through the statistical weight of the choices, thoughts and actions of so very many of us – this story just keeps on going… undirected, blind, without understanding. It’s a real blow for narcissism.

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