Darkness and Light

There is darkness and there is light in every life.

There is darkness and there is light in every life. There is beauty and there is chaos in every moment, in every personality and in every dream or aspiration. Beauty is not merely a material property, it is in (and of) the whole person, it is an expression of the whole personality and the physical pattern of an embodied symmetry that draws our eye, entangles our mind in a mirrored labyrinth of attraction or reflexive confusion – this indicates an intricate but limited cartography of the depths within any one of us, subterranean and hidden.

There are devils and there are angels within all of us and these are merely the iterative, fractal boundaries of life’s longing for itself… the goodness and the evil… these are superficial indications of the beautiful complexity and sophisticated symmetry within us all and upon which we are all merely passing shadows, ripples, echoes…

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