Try not to let the emptiness get you down. Own it, it is yours alone, just like my own emptiness and this vacuum of existential purposelessness I feel is my own. The inner void is indistinguishable from that which lies beyond us and which manifests as the mystery of other minds or as those nebulous metaphysical, unprovable intuitions we all have that there is that thing beyond us. We are all empty, don’t let the shambling leviathan of commercial culture make you feel less than you are, feel worthless or unvalued and unloved. The difference is – our internal emptiness is full of potential, it has value. The emptiness of money, greed, possessions and material acquisition – this has no true, affective or qualitative value – it is a pure and cold, mechanical calculus of meaningless material acquisition. We only feel bad because we believe that there is something beyond us that we are missing or lacking but it is only really that which is beyond us that is truly empty without value or putative soul. Own your own emptiness.

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