Aspirational Creativity and Self-Improvement

There is no best, there is only better and it is a consequence of core psychological fallacies that we even assert or adhere to concepts and narratives of artistic, literary, ideological, political or existential completion and closure. It is always possible to creatively extend any system (or creative act of self-definition) by intuition and recursive inflection or insight back into the structure of that system. This implicit systemic extensibility and uncertainty is a source of both vulnerability and of strength. Creating or intentionally replicating logical discontinuity of this kind can be uncomfortable, as in periods of significant social upheaval, but it is also and always an opportunity for adaptive metamorphosis and systemic or self-improvement. Sentience and consciousness itself is a manifestation of exactly this kind of systemic self-replication; creativity of art, literature or life is really just copying and imitating what the Universe always does: it copies itself in an endlessly and beautifully complex diversity of autonomously self-propagating self-replication. It is what we do, too, at our core – acknowledging this fact is so simple and yet also (and simultaneously) so profound.

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