Flying Kites

Returning to a particularly poorly-kept secret of our shared lives: no one actually knows what they are doing and everyone is improvising, making it up as they go along. We are born into a world of pre-existing stories, traditions and symbols which envelops us like a tidal wave and security blanket of meaning, identity and purpose. We are compelled to copy, to imitate and to replicate the logical strands and threads of this consensus reality. There are errors and wilful misdirections in this mimicry and these are the features which instil momentum to the adaptive metamorphosis and tangled hierarchies of culture and of self.

It takes the better part of a life to unlearn and conscientiously reevaluate the various facts and fabrications of the world as they are presented to us. We take our circumstances largely for granted – it seems to be sensible and simpler to accept the stories with which you are encultured without ever once questioning their truth or validity. If you want to improve the world, you would do well to rationally and intelligently question everything – including what I write here. Adopt and adapt what is useful; make your own science and make your own meaning from what you find in the menu of options, artefacts and concepts around you. If you are clever (or lucky) enough you just might make something special that other people will feel compelled to copy and imitate and, for all it’s limited permanence, this is about as close as anyone ever gets to living forever.

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Hello there – not sure best way to reply to this but yes, we are all just faking it till we make it! the trick is to fake with confidence! We are all just a bunch of monkeys with confidence of varying degrees.


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