Alien Anthropology

A War Within

It is a commonplace wisdom of strategic thought that no plan ever survives first contact with an enemy. It is true that this is a consequence of the irredeemable nature of complexity and chaos in material and psychological systems, but there is much more to it than this. What is to be said when that adversary is one’s own self, when the most singularly and intractably unpredictable opponent and source of unmanageable entropy that anyone ever faces is actually themselves ?

Humanity is in general it’s own worst enemy and the essential relationship and abstraction underlying this fact is the scale-independent truth that intrapersonal, interpersonal, intertribal or international conflict is at essence a difference of degree, not of kind. All conflict is for this reason a matter of self-inflection and under close analysis reveals itself as the method by which self-propagating psychological and technological systems consistently reproduce the turbulence and novelty they require to continue to exist, to evolve and to adapt to change. This is also why so many of us feel, deep down inside and as microcosms of some grander (yet blind and autonomously self-replicating) pattern or symmetry, that we are at war with ourselves – because we actually are.

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