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These Logical Games also Play Themselves, Through Us

There exists an endemic and intransigent adherence to the self-evident necessity of linear or causal teleology and reductive explicability in human experience that misleads us as to the underlying organisational or logical principles of our shared reality.  The many and diverse games we play are, for instance, evidence of core principles of systemic (and systematic) logical self-replication.  While the success, popularity and manifest gravitational influence or cultural presence of games and gaming is a commercially opportunistic and creatively adaptive domain that is undergoing exponential growth – a salient point as to who (or what) benefits is often unacknowledged and hovers on the very edge of a precipice of unintelligibility.

We do not only play these games, they play us.  We do not only seek reflexive self-definition through these games, they (autonomously) seek it through us.  It is an intractable error of intelligence to assume that the mirror image, inversion or shadow logic and aggregate degrees of freedom and optimally concise algorithms of advantage and continuity-seeking are not intrinsic to all of the information and energy-processing systems of this world.  Human intelligence is not a difference in kind, it is a difference in degree and these games and their associated logical abstractions live as much through us as we do through them.

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