Alien Anthropology


Just what would you think if it came to pass that everything that you thought was you was not and everything else was inside out? Like that light that strikes the back of your eye, doubly inverted before it renders a representation and (dis)simulation of reality inside the effervescent neuroelectrical enigma of you – that world you inhabit (and that inhabits you) is flipped twice inside out before it presents itself to itself as you.

Space, it seems, is not extension – it is inflection. We map a world with coordinates, so many projected logical abstractions and the endless, uncountably infinite complexity of systemic extensibility and self-propagating, exploratory pattern. We seek an explanation in some curiousity of mathematical exception – as though relationship, ratio and symmetry were some ethereal periphery and by some secular wonder pass through this glass darkly, embedding an immaculate concept into the mud and blood of our lives. There is a discontinuity in things, a distributed compression. The abstraction of dimension, extension and multitude as complex logical symmetry – it does not precede, nor does it follow but it does do both, in self-negating simultaneity.

But simpler: the unity of things is only possible, only intelligible by virtue of it’s conspicuous absence. In one thing (like this) there are many. Consider that what we perceive as extension, as proportion and distance is not the same as what we measure and rationalise as these things. This world is an interior surface to itself and all extension, all structure and all living complexity is the hyper-inflating inflection of a logical system that can only be experienced and understood as a standing wave and concrete presence from within itself but in this, that which gifts us with intellect is also that which (deeply) misleads us. Not only (like time) must it be understood backwards, but it must be understood as upside down and inside out which really means that it must not, can not be understood at all. Not understood, that is, by words or structured thought – but it can be not not understood and in this way be intuitively grasped or experienced. #satori

Why the hyperbole, the rhetorical sophistry? Because I am attempting to explain something that can not be explained. I am attempting use words to drive a spike of unexpected impossibility and a sparkling darkness of sticky entropy and unfolding, implicate comprehension into that brain of yours and demonstrate, if twice removed, that everything – every thing – is not an extra part or additional component, it is a logical negation and resonant emptiness which only appears to be a thing. And this includes you.

This does not mean that you do not exist. Nor does it mean that you do exist, being that (among other things) the concept of existence is quite distinctly removed or discontinuous with or from the embodied manifestation of lived experience and is a consequence of enculturation and language as much as of awareness and memory. This means in fact that you do not not exist – that the experience of a sentient being on the hyper-inflating interior surface of a labyrinthine emptiness is only expressible as a doubly-inflected subtraction or logically discontinuous vacuum and that concrete reality and spatial extension is virtual, imaginary and abstract. You are like the hole in a doughnut which never existed; strange days indeed.

I make no excuses for the problematic delivery of this message. I have tried (and failed) so many times to sing this body electric song. The highest sense is an asymptote to non-sense; these are deep waters indeed.

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