culture Philosophy

Culture, Cognition, Meaning

Culture, like meaning, is not found in one single place but is distributed across the entire surface of our shared cognition and the proliferating multiplicity of artefact, image and a logic of sequential algorithm and rationalised procedure that informs our experience. The self-evident fact that we are unable to unambiguously or unproblematically define or agree upon the essence, meaning or purpose of anything other than the most simple of entities and concepts is evidence enough of this.

The strange tapestry of enigma that inhabits and infuses our experience with direction and momentum is a consequence of the fact that all definitions are defined by other definitions and that this referential circularity provides no anchor or truth and certainty.

Cognition and culture is only understood and intelligible through the particulate, the discrete but is also only inflated with meaning by reference to the distributed and holistic nature of meaning and intuitive comprehension. Should we isolate significance in the singular or work backwards from the holistic, or both simultaneously? In the end, it does not matter – from a higher perspective and synthesis or convergence, they reveal themselves as mischievously, enigmatically identical.

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