Reflective Subjectivity

I wonder what she is reading.  It may be the eternal burden of a reflective mind to be unable to simply accept reality at face value, to question what lies beneath, to investigate what hidden meanings or purposes might exist or dwell below or behind the superficial appearances of things.  At least she is not browsing social media but, then again, a printed text of any kind was precisely the social media of that time.

Technology evolves, complexity accelerates, psychological subjectivity progressively acquires depth and structure but the essential and underlying functions of information artefacts probably do not change all that much.  Culture always encodes social function and is an adaptive resource of meaning – it provides a distributed buffer of resilient and embodied memory.

Painting: “Young Girl Reading”  Jean-Honoré Fragonard, 1770. 

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Lindsay, not so. I zoomed in on the book she was reading. It’s a book of music. The page is filled with musical staves (sets of five horizontal lines each with bars of musical notes and rests with a treble clef at the beginning of each staff). The music was probably for a wind instrument (flute or recorder) since there was no bass clef on the page.

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