Alien Anthropology

The Violence Paradox: is this Really a More Peaceful World?

The cost of order is always going to be a certain degree, presence or manifestation of disorder. The notion of a “more peaceful world” is one in which vast numbers of (relatively) small, regional conflicts proliferate, generalisations notwithstanding. There is even, perhaps, a sense in which such distributed conflict is inevitable as a displaced information and energy-processing cost of putative order.

What role does sociopsychological dissonance play in the self-organisation of systems which might require difference and conflict in some deep and unacknowledged way? How does disorder creatively influence system adaptation and in what ways are sociological systems autonomously oriented or logically biased towards the production of such non-constructive entropy as methods for the refinement of order and the development of novelty and difference (i.e. information)? Does global system resilience and evolutionary metamorphosis implicitly depend in some way upon the presence of difference, dissonance and conflict?

Context: The Violence Paradox

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