On not knowing the names of things (and other absences)…

It is not just what is said that matters, but also – the way in which it is said, the nuance, the poetry and the subtlety. This is the second-order semantics of meaning and style in communication and thought.

It is not enough to simply know the names of things, the measures and to collect the various available statistical facts of the world. To possess the mental acuity and creative flexibility required to be able to comprehend the world and the various ways in which we might understand or improve it, seek connections, resonance and the spontaneously self-organising patterns of optimal effect.

No matter how much we might reduce our world to a mere transactional logic, the real magic and poetry of sentience and consciousness will always remain unbounded and free. The unity and utility we seek through technology and an overarching rational order is itself no final answer. In it’s definitively conspicuous absence, unity is whispering a subtle wisdom that few seem able to hear or understand.

Those things without names will always far outnumber those with them. It is in the vacuum and void of unnamed and meaningless entropy that an unnamed wisdom and unity sits, chuckling at us from the darkness.

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