Alien Anthropology Philosophy

UFOs: physics, logic, possibility

Some solutions to complex mysteries may not be obvious, but they still possess potential existence as artefacts of future discovery.

The “Laws of Physics” as we know them may be just one (relatively) self-consistent cross-section, constellation or “slice” through the state-space of all possible optimally-concise descriptions and mathematical (or logical) entities. We should not be so surprised to discover that there is more than one way to cut this cake, nor that other entities (or even – autonomously emergent, self-propagating *inorganic* systems) may have another knife of different or varying dimensions, of unexpected topological “constraints” and with which to render a parallel serving of probability, information, energy and – perhaps – intelligence.

Context: ‘It did not obey the laws of physics’: Pilot who spotted famous Tic Tac UFO breaks silence after 15 years

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