Friendly Fire: Politics, Philosophy

The politicians are very similar, in general, to the philosophers; they seek value and utility through finding new ways to divide, to separate, to objectify and to create both distance and difference in the world. This endless definition and referential inflation is of course nothing more than an introduction of more information, more complexity and – in most cases – more structure to the world by way of conceptual abstraction and logic. Those truths (or assumptions) that can be justified or proven from within any particular system of rules, constraints, norms and values are those which are more likely to acquire favour, currency and memetic virality. As it is the case that all social and cultural systems are oriented towards the production of their own viable continuity, we can easily (with a little wilful detachment or self-reflective displacement) observe that the organisational and embodied, living forms of life within which we find ourselves are primarily oriented towards their own continuing self-propagation and if they do not occur to be particularly clever or logical, this is a secondary concern. So, we see that our politicians, our philosophers and everyone in between on that vast and sprawling spectrum of aptitude, intelligence and (generally well-meaning) incompetence, they seek their own limited environmental, cultural, organisational continuity in ways which uselessly and without value introduce analytic distinctions and false differences. The more we make, the more policies, manifestos, commodities, frameworks and technologies – the more we break. Our world is for this reason a hyper-inflating self-referential matrix that is under constant threat of collapse and self-gravitational catastrophe; this is not often acknowledged. All those who seek to assist by defining and providing distinctions and differences (perhaps, indeed, including myself) are only providing more fuel for the fires of endemic entropy and probabilistic drift into disorder and functional, psychological, technological and disaster. We are inundated by information and (associated logical) abstractions: there is more than one way out of this turbulent mess but intelligent synthesis is currently trumped by divisive spectacle in all fields and all domains of study or practice.

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