Fire Fighting: Extinguishing Self

This world of inflated, tangled emptiness is the world we have together made and together we will watch as it actively disassembles itself. The mysterious and unknowable vacuum beyond knowledge is essentially the same logical entity as is the foundational void within it. Epistemological certainty and self-identity or self-knowledge are limited by the same essential interior discontinuity and, again, for this reason (almost) everything we do is merely so much noise and infantile, pointlesd excitement along a narrow archipelago of visible, verifiable pseudo-certainty between two vast infinities of unknown, unknowable entropy and emptiness. Our central task in life should be in discerning what activities, systems and forms of living provide value and utility, and what is really useless noise. While it may be true that some noise and some behavioural entrainment in psychology and culture or as variously asserted through technology – and in or as the vast and sprawling organisational dissonance and turbulence of our (shared) global civilisation – is more valuable than others, it is only where we remove, actively disengage and intentionally deconstruct the tripartite fallacy of privileged identity, financial wealth and innate self-hood that we are likely to find anything worth saving.

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