The Freedom Game

Freedom of Self is a game we play in which we trade an Other’s control for our own.  In all the sparkle and fireworks of our relentless jubilation we fail to recognise that we still play by the same rules and are in essence no more free than we were before.

Additionaly: we free to choose but for the most part not free to choose which choices we have.  This is the game that plays itself through us.

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Dr. Eric Berne, in his book “Games People Play”, described how most of us are caught up in one or another type of game (which were similar to Freud’s mythological descriptions of our psychological complexes, but more colorful and spot-on); however, he also described a rare type of individual whom he labeled “game-free”, who plays no games and is never caught up in anyone else’s game. “Games”, as Berne used the term, were similar to scripts people follow, but games represented a fixed set of transactions with others, while scripts described the entire arc of a person’s existence.

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It is enigmatic; we are bound by biology and culture, as much as by the structure and adaptive grammar of a living language and thought, to continuity and cycles of replicable logic. To leave the game is to cease to exist in the ontology it defines and this, Mike, is what the Zen Buddhists call “mushin” (“no mind”). A presence of absence…


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