Alien Anthropology

Online Communication: Talking Underwater

All of this online communication really feels a bit like trying to talk (or shout) underwater; no one can hear us and no one is really listening or paying attention anyway.  The greatest misdirection and deception of this is that while we are (all) here pouring our hearts and minds out into this digital information ocean in some vain yet noble attempt at, and aspiration to, psychological closure or social and cultural self-definition – we are missing the whole point.

We do not live through these information and communications systems so much as they, in fact, live through us.  We are not compelled to create, cultivate or exhibit some semi-coherent sense of identity, self-knowledge or subjective experience quite so much as the effervescent tides of information and reference autonomously self-propagate through us and furnish us with a vague and melancholic emotional and psychological emptiness that, as though by reflex, we asymptotes seek to fill.

All choice and all freedom is for this reason part probability, part predetermination and preselected menu or behavioural and cognitive vocabulary.  Acknowledging this will not set you free but it will at least point you in the right direction.

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