The Simple Joys of (an) Everyday Emptiness

How strange it is that we should all spend our lives in pursuit of some idealised goal of perfect self-abstraction, of well-defined subjectivity and psychological closure when everything we learn on this journey of life informs us that this is in fact impossible. We learn by entrainment and enculturation that we should abhor and shum this natural vacuum and existential abyss of disatissfied experience that we feel ourselves to be and that infuses our daily lives with confusion and alienation. When we (finally) acquire sufficient insight and wisdom to perceive that the dissimulated vacuum of an idealised and utterly content self is a far greater void and artificial reality than we – in all our insecurities and implicit limitations – ever could be, we can finally find peace in the familiarity and unsurprising comfort of our everyday emptiness and angst.

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