The Simple Joys of (an) Everyday Emptiness

How strange it is that we should all spend our lives in pursuit of some idealised goal of perfect self-abstraction, of well-defined subjectivity and psychological closure when everything we learn on this journey of life informs us that this is in fact impossible. We learn by entrainment and enculturation that we should abhor and shum…

Commercial Identities: Generational Difference

Notice how the primary cultural differentiation of generational identity is always a commercially-mediated product, idiom or artefact.  Can anyone ever truly own their expression of identity, of cultural self when it is always already so much someone else's possession? Does commercial self-interest (even unwittingly) cultivate a possibility for the emergence of self-identity and t h…

Own your own emptiness

We are all empty, don't let the shambling leviathan of commercial culture make you feel less than you are, feel worthless or unvalued and unloved.

Quieting the Ego

Psychological closure or completion of an isolated ego remains a functional, technological and sociological impossibility.


If nobody is actually who they appear to be, then neither are we (and even to ourselves) any more than ghostly probabilities or insubstantial shadows, masked and knowable...