The dancer is the dance: a truth of beauty…

The beauty of art (and a truth of beauty) is that beyond language, beyond culture and beyond all contingent, transient conceptions of self, meaning and identity – it can communicate without any need for the implicit difference and dissonance that we so often expect but which is as much a burden as a feature of the words with which we communicate and conceive our thoughts, with which we tenderly weave our ephemeral internal monologues of time, of memory and of experience. While we can perhaps never entirely escape the intrinsic limiting factors, the self-gravitational field and semiotic elasticity of the acquired historical, cognitive and semantic frameworks we (both inherit and) inhabit, it remains a fact that great artists impart knowledge in its most immediate, intimate and unmediated form – in ways which transcend distance, difference and dissonance.

The beauty of dance is that the artist precisely is the art and while we may assert all manner of significance to composers and choreographers, the dancers are themselves a living, breathing manifestation of the creative energy that in (once-seeing and eloquently) recording their designs, these orchestrators seek to represent. You are the dancer and you are the dance…

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