Alien Anthropology

We lonely atoms…

…and these, all of these bodies, these artefacts and inscriptions that were once dust will once again be dust. These that were once lonely atoms drifting in all of cosmic space and time will once again be set free to wander. Many, many trillions of years from now even atoms will devolve into a slowly-dissasembling heat – the fading embers of time and memory and at the very end when equilibrium finally arrives, there shall not even be time.

What do we value in these few, fleeting moments? What do we choose or – as though by blind reflex and cognitive predisposition – select from the convergent spectrum of all possible choices, configurations and possibilities? Do we, quite simply, choose love or do we choose hate? Do we feel connection or fear? In the very limited case of all human ends and lives, it is very precisely this: a choice and flame of self-determination in all that endless cosmic darkness.

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