Shocking AI Art is actually Nothing New

It’s certainly an interesting faultline, the arrival of all this AI-generated creative material. I suspect that, rather than devalue human creativity, and once the dust settles from the first few waves of grossly over-used generative AI design, an authenticated artist’s work will actually acquire more – not less – value. The general arc and trajectory […]


The dancer is the dance: a truth of beauty…

The beauty of art (and a truth of beauty) is that beyond language, beyond culture and beyond all contingent, transient conceptions of self, meaning and identity – it can communicate without any need for the implicit difference and dissonance that we so often expect but which is as much a burden as a feature of […]


Missing Images on this Blog

If you find references to images which are missing, please comment on the post – I will tidy it up. Apologies for any inconvenience.


Idioms of Absence

An epigenetic self-replication of the spiritual void, manifest as cultural entities in the contemporary Chinese art of Mi Qiaoming.