Communication is not Consciousness

An interesting article: A Pattern Recognition Theory of Mind

Mind is certainly built around nested hierarchies, but the general structures built here (in this article) are too dependent upon loosely unverified correlation and analogy; “X implies Y, so then Z”, where X is unsubstantiated.

The structural constraints of communication and narrative cognition derive from, are related to, but are not necessarily isomorphic with, the mechanisms and adaptive information and energy-processing symmetries and flows of our minds and brains. We (all) so often find ourselves entranced by our own cleverness and the many ways we might recombine ideas into compelling patterns; this recombinatory recursion is of our minds but is not necessarily identical to them.

Unfolding the origami crane of our own minds, we all seem to pass through different algorithmic and procedural paths before arriving at an instructively-creased blank sheet of paper. Reverse-engineering ourselves is a subtle matter and the hyper-inflating proliferation of diverse solutions to this theorem are as shaped by the base classes and metrics we assert as axiomatic, as by the aspirational end-states.

Takeaway: communication and analysis does not necessarily encode the means of it’s own production in any kind of overt manner.

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