Alien Anthropology

COVID19 and Global Economic Devastation

Beyond the self-evident inadequacies of our integrated bureaucratic hierarchies, the labyrinth of systemic biases which have funneled wealth into corporate welfare and monopolistic hegemonies are now revealing their utter ineptitude at providing adequate socioeconomic resilience.

You could ask why no one saw this coming. Many people did, they just did not know what shape or form it would take. Now that economic catastrophe is upon us, all the pitiful ideological, political and psychological games of econometrics and partisan self-interest reveal their intimate, implicit corruption. All of this with Coronavirus and even before Climate Change has started to really hit us.

It is at these infrequent (and often catastrophic) inflection points in the history of Global civilisation that implicit, distributed weaknesses and blindspots in organisational practice and governance become painfully obvious. It may not assist to assert this, but the organisational, economic and ideological practices upon which we have built this civilisation have long ago abstracted themselves from their primary (or professed) purposes. Many of our institutions have come to exist for the central purpose of continuing to exist and in this way have sidelined their Objects; of health, of equitable welfare, of resilient nation-building.

While acknowledging the intractably unexpected and complex nature of the wicked problem that has enveloped us all, imagine the blank stares received if attempting to instruct politicians and senior decision-makers in the finer points of recursively self-propagating algorithms of information-encoding in biology, psychology and organisational systems. These complexities, however, exist – and in understanding them, in opening the discourse to bona fide experts, we might just find those rapid solutions that will lighten this load of epidemiological entropy sufficiently to flatten the curve.

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