Alien Anthropology

The Storm is upon us all…

There is a deepening feeling of doom (and gloom) as coronavirus begins to take hold across our community. We see the numbers growing daily; accelerating, exponentiating. At some point this will no longer be “someone else’s” illness, it will be upon us; a tidal surge of trillions of sinister nano-scale biological robots, wicked ribonucleic algorithms of naked self-interest – blindly seeking accelerated self-replication through our own flesh and laying waste to the slumbering innocence (or rather – naivete) of the sum of all human noise, chaos and confusion.

I can’t help but wonder if this kind of disaster and apocalyptic kick in the socioeconomic crown jewels isn’t an inevitability in some way. Not necessarily this specific pestilence at this specific time but it is as though it has been inversely selected-for and shaped by the overall adaptive structure and dynamic form of our civilisation. How else is it that it has trickled and flowed and cascaded and roared so easily and rapidly along the bio-information highways of interpersonal contagion? This pandemic is – in some complex and indeterminate way – a necessary logical complement to our own accelerated proliferation, the shadow life (and death) to our thriving civilisation and it predates on us just as we predate on nature. Nature in gestalt is a cannibal parasite, feeding upon itself without mind or emotion.

It has happened before and was probably bound to happen sooner or later; it just happens to have been sooner. Stoicism or death is not a mere throwaway epithet – it is, once again, our lived experience. It might have helped if China had not suffocated the free flow of information when COVID19 first emerged but it has been done now and we must all now strive to survive.

Stay safe, everyone. We are all in this together.

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