COP26: Word Games

Observing the President of COP26 stifling emotion as he apologised for the shortfalls of the limited agreement obtained at this critically important conference, I find myself reflecting on the words being variously wielded and warped on such a Global stage. There are two primary games of symbolic communication (i.e. language) at work in these large […]


S.O.S. Planet Earth

Science seeks underlying patterns and abbreviated logical explanations (as equation, model and approximation or general framework) to describe and manipulate nature but this is always at an inadvertent and inverse cost of generating precisely the same quantity of unmanageable complexity and disorder as that control and value or utility it brings. There exists a general […]

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The Storm is upon us all…

There is a deepening feeling of doom (and gloom) as coronavirus begins to take hold across our community. We see the numbers growing daily; accelerating, exponentiating. At some point this will no longer be “someone else’s” illness, it will be upon us; a tidal surge of trillions of sinister nano-scale biological robots, wicked ribonucleic algorithms […]

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It’s the end of the world as we know it…


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Levelling-Up in the Civilisation Game

It is a little hard not to feel somewhat dispossessed and saddened by the arc of catastrophe that human history traces in time. There is some essential adversarial turn in psychology and nature that provides and requires the entropy from which new forms of thought and life are able to emerge. We come to depend […]

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Ecological Logic

A holistic logic is discontinuous, non-linear, enigmatic and – in the face climate change – mandatory.

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Playing the Long-Game of Human Civilisation

The catastrophic entropy of a currently most-probable future is not the only available solution in the possibility-space of all emergent and adaptive human planetary civilisations.

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Directionless: The Teleological Vacuum of Global Civilisation

Humanity spends far too much time bickering and fighting over how we will collectively move forward to ever actually get on with the very serious business of actually ensuring our own continuity, survival and ongoing tenure on this planet.

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A Self-Extinguishing Flame

It is staggering (and blissfully unacknowledged) the extent to which this world of ours and all of its many anthropomorphic catastrophes are all quite simply occurring within and emanating from these brains between our ears.


Open Minds and Closed Organisations

Human beings may never be clever enough to harness and benefit from the symmetries of information and energy flows as already exist in the natural world…

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Continuity Theorems

The logic and semantics of explanation or description of a principle of continuity selection are also subject to their own continuity proof…