Alien Anthropology

Pandemic: a world under siege

The generalised abstractions of partisan-political, ideological and economic self-interest are able to thrive in dissonant disunity. It is an environment that these abstractions themselves generate and that manifests the context and medium through which they most efficiently and effectively self-replicate. This is, among other things, precisely why the world has ever and always been a blindly shambling monster and rolling disaster – moving from one self-created catastrophe to another

This game of abstractions, appearances and the diverse role-playing pantomime of political life was able to quite easily surf along on a wave of turbulence and disorder that it itself created. That is, until a more turbulent entity arrived in the form of Coronavirus.

Observe carefully how traditional and emerging political and ideological alliances and conflicts become amplified, redistribute their center(s) of narrative gravity, and how in adapting to the extreme economic and organisational burdens of a pandemic – they autonomously seek the means and methods of their own most efficient and effective adversarial and competitive adaptation as a source of continuity and information system self-propagation.

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