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The Coronavirus Blues

A few weeks (is it two, or three, now?) into isolation and social distancing, it is all starting to get a bit depressing. Never being anything much of a social butterfly at the best of times, I still feel a visceral burden of dread and anxiety mounting, an overwhelming sense of dread and emptiness. There is an ominous sense of foreboding as it dawns upon us all here (in Australia) that there is a very probable future time coming in which a large number of people in our community will succumb to COVID-19.

It has been such a strange experience to live through. In a very short period of time: our cities and towns have largely shut down; millions of people have found themselves unemployed; social gatherings and sport or entertainment have been banned; those who can work from home do so; schools have become almost entirely closed. I wonder how everyone else is feeling right now.

There have been news reports of people verbally abusing nurses, spitting on them in public places. The racists have been at work, too – any excuse to unfurl their vast banners of stupidity across the world. It seems as though there is just so much fear everywhere and, considering the generally chaotic Global response of governments to this crisis, a sense of malaise and angst has certainly set in for the duration of this slow-tide of epidemiological horror.

In a world awash with information, there is currently little to no good news to be found as there is only one topic being discussed. It is an enigma, perhaps not particularly new, but certainly persistent: stay informed and persistently miserable or ignorant and effectively, functionally stupid? I have no answers, only observations and my eyes are shaded through a glass darkly, just now.

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I feel your words viscerally. They could have been written anywhere and everywhere in the world. They are certainly felt all over the world, at least in Israel and in America. It’s like we’re playing a ghoulish game of Russian roulette in which the six-gun has 4 bullets chambered. Try to keep your spirits up. There is still beauty and goodness and wisdom in the world, here and there.

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